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December 07, 2016
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A mom’s-eye view of Andrea Reynosa

November 1, 2012

At birth, Andrea embraced the world with zeal and great determination. Born with an easy temperament and affable personality, she demonstrated interest early on in people, art and nature. She had an endearing fascination with sketching horses, and was awarded a savings bond from the Laguna Art Festival for several horse etchings.

As a teenager, she displayed team and leadership qualities while attending an all-girls secondary school. Socializing with her peers was at the top of her list. Having served earlier with local Brownie and Girl Scouts, she transitioned well as varsity team captain in basketball and volleyball. She painted with great passion and skill a vast rainforest mural (in museum scale), which graced the high school’s biological science building for many years.

Andrea was extremely motivated and successful, moving on to complete her undergraduate and post-graduate studies. She headed the sculpture department (in bronze and aluminum castings), all accomplished through a Ford Foundation Fellowship grant, earning the advanced degree of MFA.

Over the past 17 years, I have followed ever more significant achievements. Andrea settled in Brooklyn and met Kevin Vertrees, resulting in my precious grandchildren, Alessandra and Lucas. Soon after, they moved to a farm in Narrowsburg. I adored watching the children thrive on the farm as they learned to care for the chickens and goats and bottle-feed the young lambs. They enjoyed the organic garden and the gathering of eggs best of all.

Ali and Lucas are happy volunteering through SkyDog Supper Club, the River Floats and Big Eddy Farm Stand, community service projects implemented by their mother and father.

It has been my great joy to witness Andrea’s dreams and vision for the future come true. Her contributions to the community are impressive. She makes me proud, as I love her more than words can express.

With love, life and imagination
Los Angeles, CA