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December 03, 2016
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Join Hinchey: vote for Schreibman

November 1, 2012

We've been lucky to have Maurice Hinchey as our Congressman for two decades.

As Hinchey prepares to retire, he came to Callicoon last week to give his full endorsement to Julian Schreibman to replace him. After talking with Schreibman on several occasions, I am convinced that he is the right man to fill Hinchey's shoes. Schreibman shares my values as a hard-working member of the middle class. He respects affordable health care and Medicare for seniors. I am impressed with him as a person and as a prosecutor.

I did my homework and went on the website of Schreibman's opponent, Chris Gibson. Gibson states proudly that he voted to abolish President Obama's health reform plan. As a parent of two young working adults, I am so grateful that President Obama's health reform plan allows me to cover my two adult children until they are 26.

Gibson also wants to replace Medicare with vouchers for seniors. My parents and husband, after paying into the Medicare system all their working lives, did reap the benefits of Medicare. What we have now is a good system. It scares me to think of seniors having to navigate finding and buying health insurance with a voucher to get medical attention.

Gibson wants to site a nuclear power plant in our area. We should be pushing for solar, wind and geothermal energy instead. These options would be safe, renewable and not put my property value at risk, like a nuclear power plant would.

I will join Maurice Hinchey in voting for Julian Schreibman for Congress on November 6th.

Nancy Lew Lee
Callicoon Center, NY