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Tusten voters urged: see the back of the ballot

November 1, 2012

For decades the four Tusten town council people and the supervisor have been working in harmony on decisions regarding the town. Each member of the five-member board brings a different perspective based on their education, occupation, family and life experience.

In all economic climates, good financial oversight and accuracy insure financial stability. It is vital that our town has a good bookkeeper to properly and accurately maintain the town’s financial records. The bookkeeper is the consistent position in town government who maintains financial records, regardless of which supervisor gets elected every two years.

In keeping with the true meaning of democracy, no one board member should have sole say as to any appointment made in the town, especially for such an important position as the bookkeeper. The Tusten Town Board needs be able to appoint the bookkeeper, instead of just the town supervisor appointing the bookkeeper. Please vote yes on the back of the ballot on Election Day to have the Tusten Town Board appoint the town bookkeeper.

Michael Valenti
Narrowsburg, NY