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Vote based on issues, not personal attacks

November 1, 2012

In the past few days an anonymous group of private contributors, Friends of Ned Lang, has unleashed a barrage of malicious personal attacks against Tusten town council member Andrea Reynosa, hoping that voters won’t notice that the ads say nothing about how Ned Lang intends to deal with and resolve the serious issues facing the town, should he be elected. Candidates who engage in this kind of mudslinging trust that no one will check and call them out on their slanderous statements. But the truth is there to be found. Here are the facts about some of the false statements Ned’s friends have made thus far.

New York State has not banned gas drilling. Drilling was put on hold, pending further state action.

Ned Lang threatened to sue town officials for enacting zoning laws that protect Tusten from gas drilling and fracking activity. (December 11, 2011, WBNG interview)

Zoning violations are pursued for cause, not at the whim of any board member.

Town monies are allocated by the town board, not doled out by individual members.

Tusten town supervisor Carol Wingert confirmed that, “The town has not given Andrea Reynosa any funds for ‘fixing up her house’ or for personal use, nor has the town given anyone else funds for personal use.”

Elections should not be decided by who has the most money to savage their opponent. You can be sure that Friends of Ned Lang will continue to spew out their libelous misinformation right up to Election Day November 6th. The only way to foil this smear campaign is to fact check their falsehoods, and then vote for Andrea Reynosa as the candidate who’s proven her competence and dedication in working for the betterment of the town and residents of Tusten.

Star D. Hesse
Narrowsburg, NY