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Endorsement for Gibson

October 25, 2012

As a registered Democrat, an elected official for over 35 years, a veteran of the U.S. Army, a senior citizen and a voter in the new 19th Congressional District I am both saddened and sickened by what I see.

All that is out there on the TV are negative ads from outside groups on both sides of the aisle and one of the two congressional candidates (Julian Schreibman). Furthermore, I have received countless obnoxious mailers from the Democratic State Committee and now the House Majority PAC spouting a bunch of different, obviously ridiculous claims all citing the same exact votes. (I didn’t know a bill could do so much, especially a “nonbinding” budget proposal).

Now, I do not agree with all of Congressman Gibson’s votes. That being said, I know that no one wants to destroy seniors’ lives by ending Medicare or kill women by not providing mammogram coverage (implications of mailers). These are clear lies and scare tactics. Furthermore, with all this outside support, you’d think Julian’s campaign would have the free time and resources to focus on a positive message, yet they continue the exact same inaccurate attacks. It is weird that he has the same talking points as the outside groups despite it being illegal to coordinate messaging.

How is Julian supposed to work with Republicans, conservatives and conservative Democrats when he demonizes their votes? Gibson has the right approach: run on your record and your plan so that he does not “burn any bridges.”

I am voting for Chris Gibson to return to Congress because he is the only one that can work with groups/individuals that support, oppose and are neutral towards him.

Anthony P. Cellini
Monticello, NY