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Election choices

October 18, 2012

For the first time in history a threat greater than religious intolerance or unrestrained capitalism has emerged: global warming. Yet many candidates seem not to have gotten the memo, including Chris Gibson.

Our politics have become a circus. When exactly did championing the middle class (formerly known as the American Dream) become socialist? How did “green” become a dirty “liberal” word, and “conservative” synonymous with ignorance, intolerance, even warmongering? Since when have Chesapeake and Chevron qualified as “small business?”

As one party grows increasingly desperate at persuading us to vote against our own best interests, the other tries not to look too smart for fear the money will dry up. We came here to escape oppressive theocracy and tyrannical overlords, remember? Fundamentalists and industry shills have collaborated, espousing ruinous policies and regulatory rollbacks that favor corporations in exchange for dialing back our civil rights. Voter ID laws (disenfranchising) and redistricting (shameless power grabs) help to ensure we stay evenly deadlocked. In the newly created 19th district, we are in danger of being represented in Congress by a candidate, who has voted consistently with Tea Party leadership to roll back environmental protections, women’s rights and affordable health care, and joined an obstructionist strategy, which has resulted in the cessation of governance.

We are turning our formerly protected national parks, farmland, coastal waters and even residential areas into contaminated extraction zones at a breakneck pace at a time when even industry acknowledges climate change. We are purposefully poisoning billions of gallons of water at a time of record droughts. We are ignoring thousands of Americans whose rights have been trampled and property seized, so long as there‘s a chance we might get a sliver of the pie. The beast we have created has purchased our democracy and turned upon us. It comes down to this: do you want a functioning government whose purpose as defined in our constitution is to protect our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, or giant corporations with the somewhat less lofty goal of maximizing profits in charge? Rick Santorum said, “The smart people will never be on our side.” Well said, Rick. New Yorkers, your country needs you. Vote for Julian Schreibman, a leader who will protect our rights in the Maurice Hinchey tradition.

Jennifer Young
Bethel, NY