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Response to “Wrong Again” letter writer

October 18, 2012

Responding to Jack Grogan’s tirade in your October 11th issue is something I was compelled to do. Predictably, from the Republican “birther” bubble, Mr. Grogan begins by insulting our president and then misleads with carefully chosen statistics and a bizarre attack on the poor and middle class as well as on certain wealthy Democrats. For some reason, wealthy Republicans seem to be overlooked.

He parades the notion that it is somehow shocking that the top 1% pay “almost 40%” of the nation’s tax bill. Could that have anything to do with the fact that they own 42% (2007) of the nation’s wealth (according to Nobel laureate, Joseph Stiglitz)? We should note that only 25 years ago the same top 1-per-centers owned 33% of this country’s wealth. Might our graduated tax system also be related to the fact that on the other hand, the bottom 80% own 7% (2007) of U.S. wealth?

The notion that the poor and middle classes are just not paying their “fair share” of taxes is a growing canard that the wealthy and ideologically driven right wingers like to banter about in order to justify measures that would lead to even more extreme income and wealth disparity in our country. Take a look at the chart in this link provided:]. Who are you going to believe: Grogan or your own eyes and life experience?

Thanks for your attention, and vote Democratic on November 6.

John Pace
Honesdale, PA