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December 03, 2016
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Seeking a God-centered nation

October 11, 2012

As the election draws near, there is friction in the air and also a slumber that seems to be amongst many Americans. The U.S. is being destroyed right before our very eyes. Dictatorship and treason have been seeping in our highest levels of government and nobody seems to care.

Our country hangs by a thread of hope at the most important election in our history. This is not an election between Democrats and Republicans, because politicians are not the answer, only a tool to help keep what it has stood for from the beginning, which is a reverence for God and His ways. Unless it turns back to being “God- centered,” I am sad to say that judgment will come to this nation!

A country that has turned so far from God as to legalize sin over and over again, how could there not be consequences?

We demand, “God bless America,” when we should be saying, “bless God, America” for His mercy.

The decisions that have been made by this administration are tragic. To take from the wealthy and redistribute it to the poor will be devastating to our economy. What incentive will there be to work and prosper? The American dream will be no more!

When you go to vote in November, PLEASE remember what this country was founded on and how blessed we have been, so we won’t become AN OBAMA-NATION!

Caroline Keesler
Equinunk, PA