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Scollo criticizes Marino for allowing deep cuts to Tobyhanna

October 3, 2012

DINGMAN TOWNSHIP, PA — Businessman Phil Scollo, who is running against U.S. Representative Tom Marino to represent the 10th PA District in the House of Representatives, accuses Marino of voting against funding for the Tobyhanna Army Depot located in Monroe County.

According to a press release from Scollo’s campaign office, on August 1, Marino voted in favor of a budget resolution that begins to address the debt crisis and set the stage for job creation by cutting federal spending, placing caps on future spending and advancing the cause of a balanced budget amendment without raising taxes.

Scollo claims that this vote by Marino would cut billions of dollars from the Tobyhanna Depot budget. The depot employees about 5,000 people.

“Marino’s vote would potentially take billions of dollars out of our local economy and put hundreds of local jobs at risk at Tobyhanna Army Depot,” Scollo said. “Our region’s unemployment is higher than the national average and Marino is down in Washington voting against local jobs…. It is almost impossible that our representative could be so callous and dismissive of our current economic situation.”

“This is part of the fiscal cliff scenario that they have been talking about,” said Scollo spokesman Will Sharry. “The cuts, should they take place, will be about $500 billion across the nation.”

He was not able to determine how it would play out for Tobyhanna.

Marino’s reply to Scollo follows: “Concerns regarding funding for Army depots and arsenals—like Tobyhanna—were raised during floor debates, and members of the House Appropriations Committee assured those of us with concerns that the matter would be rectified before final passage.

“On September 13, the House passed Resolution 117 to offer a short-term funding solution for all current government agencies and programs, ensuring continued funding for Army depots and arsenals through March of next year. When the House and Senate reconvene to pass long-term funding for Department of Defense programs, funding for these facilities will be there.

“It is a shame that a handful of individuals chose to use the hardworking employees of Tobyhanna as political pawns for the same old scare tactics. These critics are not looking at all the facts and are misconstruing the situation for their own personal gain. I visited Tobyhanna not long ago after my initial vote in July, and I met with military and civilians leaders to discuss the real future challenges and opportunities for the Depot—not the manufactured issues being used for political theater.”