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June 28, 2016
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TRR photo by Scott Rando

TUSTEN, NY — This Delaware skipper, which was spotted during the 2014 Upper Delaware BioBlitz at Ten Mile River, is a rare find for Sullivan County. Skippers are known for their fast “skipping” flight.

Honesdale man pleads not guilty to rape

ITHACA, NY — Cornell University student Peter Mesko, 22, has entered a not guilty plea on April 12 to a rape charge in Ithaca. Mesko was charged with first degree rape after allegedly having sex with a female student at the university.  Read more

Of playgrounds, ballfields, proms, and ‘drag’ races

The April 8th meeting of Honesdale Borough Council opened to a room packed with citizens patiently waiting their turns to address the council and its officials.  Read more

Daffodil days in the Catskills and Poconos

REGION — It’s the season for daffodil blooms in the region and their colorful petals can be seen everywhere, from tended gardens to lots that have not been actively tended in decades. According to the Amercian Daffodil society (www.daffodilusa.org) daffodil bulbs last a very long time. This fact is posted on their website: “Under good growing conditions, they should outlast any of us. While some kinds of bulbs tend to dwindle and die out, daffodils should increase.”  Read more

Pike ALS wins ambulance war; Companies vie for coverage

Pike County ALS (Advanced Life Support) received some good news at the April 10 meeting of Hawley Borough Council. The Milford-based emergency agency will remain the borough’s primary ALS provider after the council turned down a suggestion by Wayne Ambulance to designate the closest available paramedic service as the primary provider.  Read more

Upper Delaware Waterfront Revitalization Plan

After a presentation about the Local Waterfront Development Plan for the Upper Delaware River, Sullivan County Legislator Cora Edwards said it is important for people to know that the river draws 300,000 visitors to the region every year.

Station manager resigns at WJFF

The WJFF Board of Trustees, meeting on Wednesday, April 10—first in executive session and then in open public session—accepted the resignation of radio station manager Winston Clark, and on Thursday morning, Clark submitted his resignation to Dawn Dorcas, board president.

Clark’s letter reads:

“Dear Dawn,

I resign my position as WJFF Station Manager as of 5 p.m. Friday, April 12, 2013.  Read more

Lang digs up dirt against Tusten Community Garden; Alleged ethics violations unearthed

Before the Tusten Town Board meeting on April 9, an email from Councilman Ned Lang had circulated, bringing up charges against the Tusten Heritage Community Garden and Big Eddy Farmstand project, a project run by Andrea Reynosa, Lang’s opponent in the November election.  Read more

Fire fighters practice tapping the river

DAMASCUS TOWNSHIP, PA — Highway drivers coming upon the scene might have thought there was an emergency rescue going on along the banks of the Delaware River. There was no emergency, but rather an important hands-on practice session for rural firefighters who regularly face the challenge of showing up at a fire scene to find no ready source of water.  Read more

New septic system policy slammed; Concern over costs of new technology

Pike and Wayne counties are literally awash in high quality (HQ) and exceptional value (EV) waters, and a policy being developed by the Department of Environmental Preservation (DEP) is intended to keep it that way. But many local officials have expressed the view that the policy is so restrictive it will kill development.  Read more

Sullivan health still poor; County health rankings unveiled

“If you look at the county health rankings and go on the website (www.countyhelathrankings.org), look at any county you want, or any county in any state, and you will always see consistently where the income is highest the health outcomes are best. That’s what is directly correlated, poverty leads to poor health.”  Read more

Sexual assault awareness

“Let’s Start a Ripple... and Then Create a Wave.” This has been the motto for Wayne County’s Victim’s Intervention Program (VIP), and creating waves happens to be exactly what they have been doing. Michele Minor-Wolf, executive director of the program, who has been working to create programs that benefit victims of domestic and/or sexual violence, addressed the Wayne County commissioners meeting on April 4.  Read more

Pike autism awareness month

April was declared Autism Awareness Month at the Pike County Commissioners meeting in Milford on April 3. Jeannemarie Passaro, president of Pike Autism Support Services (PASS), told those at the meeting that the prevalence ratio of the illness is growing.  Read more

Sullivan homeless housing; Private residences versus motels

In an ongoing effort to rein in spending in Sullivan County, the legislature has been considering gradually shifting to a new model of housing the homeless in the county. Right now, the county houses about 200 homeless adults and children in 11 different motels in various locations.  Read more

Sullivan foster care system discussed; $5 million spent on out-of-county care

There are various reasons a child may wind up in the Sullivan County Foster Care System. For instance, a parent may be incarcerated, or the child may have delinquency issues. Whatever the reason, when a child enters the system, he or she must sometimes be housed out of the county.  Read more

Seventeen-year cicadas return

REGION — The last time the group of cicadas know as Brood II appeared in the region was 1996. The insects in Brood II are 17-year-cicadas, not locusts as they are sometimes called, and if you do the math you’ll know that it’s time for them to emerge from their underground homes once again.  Read more

Yulan Fire Department gets funds

U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand announced that the Yulan Fire Department will receive $34,913 to purchase turnout gear. “With this funding, first responders in Yulan can focus on their important work knowing they have reliable new gear,” said Schumer. “This investment will help ensure that our local heroes from Yulan have the gear that will enable them to respond as effectively and safely as possible.”  Read more

UFO sighting reported in Honesdale

An anonymous poster to a site that tracks sightings of UFOs reported a sighting (tinyurl.com/d4xtwjm) in Honesdale on April 6. The post says, “My wife, daughter, and her friend had just got out of the car at WalMart in Honesdale around 10:10 p.m. They noticed flying orange lights coming from the south and watched them fly over towards the north. They first thought maybe airplanes, but there were no blinking lights or sounds. There were six objects, all colored orange, flying in a jagged line formation. The objects held this formation for the duration of the event until they lost sight of them, which was approximately five minutes.  Read more

Callicoon committee’s gas drilling mission defined

The task of an advisory committee was discussed at the Town of Callicoon town meeting on April 8, in Jeffersonville. Supervisor Tom Bose said the committee will be charged with advising the town board about whether it should change, delete or let stand language in the proposed comprehensive plan that suggests gas drilling may be part of the future of the town.  Read more

‘Gasland Part Two’; The return of the firewater

REGION — The movie “Gasland” is credited by some with shining a huge spotlight on the issue of hydraulic fracturing and changing the conversation about it from one that concerned only a handful of residents into a national and international debate about the future of energy and the environment of the planet.  Read more

PA officials nab heroin peddlers; Tracking cell phones leads to arrests

REGION — Officials working together across county lines have arrested six men in connection with heroin sales in Wayne and Pike counties. Altogether, 662 bags of heroin were seized along with $5,005 in cash. The five–month investigation resulted in the arrest of individuals from Paterson, NJ, Palmyra Township and Honesdale, PA.  Read more