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December 07, 2016
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New invasive plant: Battling mile-a-minute vine

The mile-a-minute vine has been classified as an invasive plant. (Photo by Les Merhoff)

Officials urge residents to report sightings of the plant. Mile-a-minute should be easy to spot, especially now. The vine is producing its pea-sized green fruit, which will soon be turning into the blue, iridescent seeds once fully ripe. The characteristic pale green triangular leaves (approximately two to three inches long and two to three-and-a-half inches wide) alternate along a narrow reddish stem armed with downward pointing barbs and distinctive funnel-shaped leafy structures, called ocrea, surrounding the stem at the leaf nodes.
Report any discoveries to resource management staff at Wayne Conservation District, Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership and/or Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River. If a resident spots mile-a-minute vine growing in the Upper Delaware River region, or if residents think they have it growing on their property, they can call 570/253-0930 for WCD, 845/586-2611for CRISP, especially if found in Sullivan County, NY, or 570/729-7842 for UPDE.

For more information on the biology and distribution of MAM in the eastern United States visit For a story on knotweed, another dangerous invasive in the region, see this week’s Our Country Home supplement.