37.4 °F
December 03, 2016
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Frigid temps and weather whiplash

The Big Eddy was choked with large chunks of ice as the temperature dipped to -6°F in Sullivan County in the early morning hours of January 7.
TRR photo by Amanda Reed

A report from Climate Central in 2012 (tinyurl.com/lgxyra9) shows that “Winter nights have warmed in all but one of the lower 48 states since 1970 (Nevada). Across the continent, winter nighttime temperatures have warmed about 30% faster than nighttime temperatures over the entire year.” Since 1970, winter temperatures in New York State have climbed about 1.0°F per decade, in Pennsylvania the increase has been about .08°F per decade.

The report also says, “Since 1912, states with average winter temperatures below 32°F warmed three times faster than states with average temperatures above 32°F. Since 1970, winter warming has accelerated almost everywhere and states that previously cooled began to warm in winter.”

The current single event, while very cold, does not measurably alter the record of the past century.