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Parking issue in Kauneonga Lake

By Fritz Mayer
May 21, 2014

KAUNEONGA LAKE, NY — There is a stretch of County Route 141 in Kauneonga Lake where the side of the road narrows so there is not sufficient room to park a car legally. Drivers do park there, but they are always doing so illegally because the vehicles are either intruding over the white line that separates the shoulder from the main part of the road, or are parked partially on the sidewalk.

Town of Bethel officials have been trying to address the situation since last fall. Since the road is owned by the county, town officials sent a letter and a map to county officials in September, asking them to install No Parking signs that would reduce parking in that area by three or four spots.

The county did not install the signs, so the town sent another letter in March. Again there was no action by the county. At the Bethel town meeting on May 14, the board addressed the topic again.

Supervisor Dan Sturm said he was not going to speculate about why the county did not act, but he said the situation poses a health and safety danger to members of the community, and he asked the board to pass a resolution giving the town highway department the authority to install the No Parking signs.

Council member Vicky Simpson agreed the situation poses a danger. She said, “When Bethel Speedway is in operation, and the folks come down with their cars on the trailers, it is amazing that no one has had an accident there because it’s very narrow.”

The board voted three to nothing to hand the situation over to the town highway department; two members of the council were absent.

In other news, the board denied a request to issue a noise permit to Yasgur Road Productions, which is hosting a three-day Woodstock reunion event in August. The town granted a noise permit for the event itself, but declined to issue one for Thursday, August 14, which the applicant, Jeryl Abramson, said was needed to perform sound checks.

Sturm said if Abramson wanted to extend the event to a fourth day, that should have been part of the application to the planning board.