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December 11, 2016
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Protesting the tar sands pipeline

Marygrace Kennedy at the Tar Sands Action just before her mother, Virginia was arrested.

The fossil fuel industry is putting pressure on the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton supports the pipeline, and there is a big chance that Obama will approve it. To be honest, that scares me. It’s terrifying to think about where our addiction to fossil fuels has brought us. It’s terrifying to think about what tar sands oil will do to our climate, to think of the suffering of so many people from increased storms and droughts, to consider our future when there are so many powerful people who care only about their money and so many regular people who listen to whatever they say.

They listen when the fossil fuel industries tell them the only way to have jobs is stay stuck on these fuels. They are afraid of making change so they ignore climate change. I won’t cover my eyes. We are not going to sit down and accept this pipeline if it gets approved. The tar sands action is growing, and every day there are more and more people willing to fight for a way of life that’s less about money and accumulating stuff and more about our connections to each other and to our experiences. I’m going to be hopeful and so is my mom.