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December 04, 2016
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Judge declines to recuse himself in voter case; board of elections determination submitted

Assistant county attorney Tom Cawley talks with reporters about the case of the challenged Bloomingburg voters.

The attorney for one of the Rural Party candidates responded strongly to that notion. He said, “They got 150 people on the roll with no opportunity to challenge.” He alleged that their thinking in terms of timing was, “If they do the lining up just right, they’ll get their people across the finish line… and no one will have a right to prevent them from stealing an election.”

There was a considerable amount of discussion about whether the BOE determination of the registrations, should be entered into evidence. All four lawyers representing the Bloomingburg Strong candidates and the developer were opposed to allowing it, and two of them formally objected, which prompted the judge to schedule a hearing on the matter.

Several technical arguments were brought up against the determinations, including that there be a separate determination required for each voter, and they could not all be handled at once.

But the lawyer for the BOE, Tom Cawley, called all of the arguments trying to block the BOE’s determinations “spurious,” and he said he had heard no good arguments why the determination should not be entered.

The judge agreed. The hearing was scheduled for April 2.