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December 04, 2016
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Denning residents irked by proposed turbine; citizens want their voices heard

There is controversy over a proposed wind turbine in the Town of Denning.

Resident Tiffany Gillman wrote that she objected to the turbine because the constant noise of the turning blades would mar her son’s enjoyment of the rural countryside and wildlife. She wrote, “I know some people will guffaw when reading this and say, ‘there goes another one of those pesky environmentalists,’ but I would never call myself that. I don't always take the extra steps to the recycling can, I drive an SUV when I know there are more efficient cars available, I gave up vegetarianism when I realized how good bacon tasted.” But, she says she and some of her neighbors are opposed in part because they don't know enough about the impact on the environment and the people.

But for the paper, the decision not to publish letters was in part one based on economics. In response to a complaint from resident Sharon Selwyn about the paper’s decision, the editor, Linda Comando, wrote, “to ask us to print all of the letters that we received would take almost two pages and quite frankly it is cost prohibitive.”

As for the decision to print no letters at all, she wrote, “It is my understanding that the Town of Denning Zoning Board will be voting on this issue, and that there will be no further public comment. With this being the case, what would all of these letters gain except to cause dissension among neighbors, which I can see by your note, is already happening.”