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December 03, 2016
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Gibson announces support for bipartisan agreement

Congressman Chris Gibson

“We have much to do, and I’ll be continuing to work for much needed tax reform, thoughtful spending plans that guide us back to a balanced budget, and effective health care reform that truly drives down costs while expanding access and retaining quality care. Finally, given that this agreement funds the government until January 15, we cannot wait until January 25 to begin the hard negotiations that await us.

“Some say that the divide in this country is too wide to bridge. I disagree. The divisions that I saw firsthand in Iraq, Kosovo and Haiti were wider and our servicemen and women helped those war-torn nations reach a better place. As Americans we have much more in common than we ever have apart. Let’s take inspiration from our veterans and bring this country together and move forward.”

“In addition, with this agreement reached, we can move on to work on other policies essential for Upstate New York. Notably, we are finally in formal conference with the Senate on completing the Farm Bill and we must finish and enact these necessary policies in the coming weeks for our communities and family farms.”