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December 04, 2016
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From CSA to CSArts; NACL deepens its roots by reaching out

Brett Keyser and Kowalchuk perform “The Little Farm Show” in Callicoon, NY.

At each event, farm to table meals will be shared to encourage community building. “The direction we’re going in is to establish ourselves as an apex for local art and culture in the area,” said Kowalchuk. “We have a newly articulated vision beyond being a home for experimental art, a home for local culture supported by local people. With CSArts, we’re using the model of ‘bank on us,’ take a chance and trust that what we’re going to produce is something that you’re going to love.”

Kowalchuk is hoping that CSArts will create a similar sense of buy-in for NACL to that which happens through the farm CSA. “There’s that initial investment, and a trust that builds as people come to the farm every week,” said Kowalchuk. “They get to see the developments, the ebbs and flows, the flowers in bloom—and there’s a sense of belonging and community.
You’re in it together, and you ride it out together, the highs and the lows and the laughs in between.”

For Kowalchuk, the support of Currier and many others has contributed to her remarkable recovery. She credits the power of countless prayers offered on her behalf, as well as Qigong, walking and rest. For those who are concerned that she’s taking on too much too soon, Kowalchuk cited having a great team in place and added, “I’m going to ask for help this year.”

Currier has seen success of this sort through the DHC. “I think about all the wonderful skilled individuals we have in our community who may not realize the value of what they can bring to our small non-profits,” she said. “Many times people have done for us what I hope I’m doing for NACL—help us climb another step.”

“Most people want to have a theater in their community, because arts and culture and nice restaurants and innovative businesses are enriching” said Kowalchuk. “But we’re at the point where government funding is falling short. If a community wants to keep culture alive, they have to step up.

That’s something Americans do in such a gracious and open, generous manner. They give. It melts my heart.” The CSArts membership is $150 for an individual, $300 for a family. Visit www.nacl.org or call 845/557-0694 for more information. See page 13 for NACL’s summer schedule.