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December 11, 2016
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Dimock residents ask: ‘What will we do for water?’

The officials have also received a letter from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) calling for “immediate revocation” of the Dimock decision and stating that it is “beyond the scope of the department’s legal authority under state law to terminate the water delivery.” NRDC senior attorney Kate Sinding notes that the PA Oil and Gas Act requires that those who contaminate a water supply must “restore or replace the affected supply with an alternate source of water adequate in quantity or quality.”

Meanwhile, questions remain. How have DEP and Cabot determined that the private water supplies Dimock residents must now resort to for drinking and bathing are safe to use? How should the affected well owners obtain fresh water following the termination of deliveries? What constitutes harassment of a public official?

These questions and others have been posed to appropriate officials. Calls or emails placed to Corbett, the Pennsylvania Capitol Police and Cabot spokesman George Stark were not responded to by press time. In response to multiple questions posed to Krancer, a response was received to one seeking DEP’s official stance on the Dimock water termination.

DEP Director of Communications Katy Gresh forwarded a link to a response Krancer made to an editorial appearing in the Chambersburg Public Opinion on October 21 in which Krancer writes that the agency was guided by “a legal agreement dating to the previous administration.” Visit to view the letter.

Constitutional Right to Pure Water

In Pennsylvania all citizens have a Constitutional Right to Pure Water ... thus Julie Sautner and Craig Sautner and a wonderful familiar, and many of their fellow citizens being denied a basic moral right.

Outrageous, and Scandalous

This is an utterly outrageous action by PA DEP and Governor Corbett, that appears to be nothing short of extortion on their part, aimed against the families whose water was contaminated by Cabot Oil and Gas. Krancer and Corbett are attempting to force the families into accepting the deal that PA DEP made, behind the backs of these families, with Cabot.

It should be a criminal offense to pollute someone's drinking water well, perhaps on the level of horse stealing in 1872. Hang them, and hang them high. It should be transparent to all citizens that PA DEP, and this administration, is thoroughly untrustworthy in relation to fulfilling their duties to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania. Tar and feather them, and run them out of PA.

This is shamful. PA DEP, and Corbett, are corrupt racketeers. PA DEP and Corbett are prime examples of why the industry wants all regulation to remain in the hands of the states, instead of a powerful US EPA. These are the same hands that are fed massive amounts of money by the industry, and those hands will never take effective action against the shale gas industry. Look at the lack of actions taken in Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, Louisiana and now Pennsylvania. New York wants to formulate regulations that they are in no position to enforce, and have not performed the minimum cumulative environmental impact or health assessment study before formulating. Same thing with the Delaware River Basin Commission.

This is all a scandal.