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December 03, 2016
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For the Forest’ coming to Upper Delaware

Thorpe described the three-pronged approach to the event, weaving together the performance, the audience and the environment to create the actual experience. “A trilogy is a most effective way to transmit these potent messages,” she said.

Thorpe got involved with Arts for Peace through one of its first projects, a multi-locative performance in which musicians played in five different locations while their images and sounds were transmitted to each other as they played from the same score. Thorpe was the sound engineer for the New York location, which was performed at the Secretary General’s floor at the United Nations.

Thorpe also has connections to the Upper Delaware region that root in early childhood. “My father is a fly fisherman,” she said. “I have such wonderful memories from when we were kids playing in the waterways of the Upper Delaware and Upper Hudson valleys and the Adirondacks. I built relationships with these environments and believe it’s important to allow others to have those same opportunities.”

What does she hope people take away from the experience? “A stronger bond with the environment and a stronger resolution to contribute their own energies to what they can do to support healthy forests,” said Thorpe. “It’s about maintaining a healthy environment. There are activities that obviously do damage to the greater good and we want to promote healthier sustainable ideas.”

Visit http://vimeo.com/24529373 for more.