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December 05, 2016
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Gas news at a glance

Health impacts of drilling to be studied in Marcellus Shale

The non-profit Northeast Regional Cancer Institute (NRCI) will receive a grant of $75,000 to survey at least 500 people in 10 counties, including Pike and Wayne, to begin establishing a baseline with which to determine the health impacts of natural gas drilling in Northeast Pennsylvania. Dr. Samuel Lesko, the Institute’s research director, said the survey will begin before September. NRCI will also survey people in counties with no drilling to establish any differences.

New fracking chemical information website

The Ground Water Protection Council and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission have jointly developed a new website—FracFocus—to provide a hydraulic fracturing chemical registry.
The project was started in 2010 in Pittsburgh "to develop and implement a system to enhance access to state and other pertinent information concerning chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing." The website is a non-governmental site designed to supplement, not replace, state regulatory agency websites. The chemical data presented on this site has been submitted on a voluntary basis by the participating oil and gas companies. The website organizes information on fracking by state or chemical and provides links to a frequently asked questions page. Visit http://fracfocus.org/

Sounds like good news.

The fish commission can read the writing on the wall. To repair dams and save lives, they will lease to gas companies. It seems the so-called environmentalists are not stepping up to the donation plate to contribute monies to save the little fishies and repair the dams that help house them. Good thing there is industry ready and willing to step in and fill the void. Great news that our own DRBC has personally read every whine, every cry, every plea and every threat and now will sit back and mull things over for a few months. De-Lay is de queen of de-Nile and the best weapon of obstructionists. That is no secret and the DRBC is better at procrastinating than any other agency on this slightly polluted planet.