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December 09, 2016
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Gas news at a glance

Oral comment consisted of approximately 18 hours of testimony on the draft regulations during six hearing sessions, for which professional transcripts were created. All of the written and oral submissions received by the Commission on the draft regulations constitute public records and are available for review. A large number of records, including the hearing transcripts, sample form letters, petitions and multi-party sign-on letters, and comments submitted by elected officials, public agencies, businesses and private organizations, can now be viewed online at DRBC staff has also created an Access database which cannot be posted on-line due to limitations on server space. However, the entire database has been loaded onto a dedicated PC placed in the library in DRBC’s West Trenton, N.J. office building. Anyone who wishes to inspect or download items from the database may schedule an appointment by emailing

Fish commission to lease waterways for gas drilling

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) said it plans to lease portions of its 43,000 acres of waterways for natural gas exploration to generate money to rebuild more than a dozen dams that are in danger of collapse. The commission estimates it will need $78 million to repair the 16 dams, which are classified as high risk because they cannot hold 50 percent of the maximum precipitation that a region could receive. PFBC spokesman Eric Levis said 14,000 acres — or about one-third — of the commission's waterways are potential drilling sites.

The agency receives no state funds and is supported by license fees and some federal money. It's $17 million annual budget has remained stagnant for the past three fiscal years, according to the state Budget Office. As a result, the commission said it faces a $36 million shortfall for the dam repairs. Levis said the commission will also sell water to the energy companies for use in drilling operations.

Sounds like good news.

The fish commission can read the writing on the wall. To repair dams and save lives, they will lease to gas companies. It seems the so-called environmentalists are not stepping up to the donation plate to contribute monies to save the little fishies and repair the dams that help house them. Good thing there is industry ready and willing to step in and fill the void. Great news that our own DRBC has personally read every whine, every cry, every plea and every threat and now will sit back and mull things over for a few months. De-Lay is de queen of de-Nile and the best weapon of obstructionists. That is no secret and the DRBC is better at procrastinating than any other agency on this slightly polluted planet.