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December 03, 2016
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Gas news at a glance

Report questions industry-funded studies
Economist Jannette Barth, Ph.D., faults industry-funded studies that claim shale gas extraction creates good jobs and long-term prosperity. In her latest report, “The Truth About Those Industry Funded Studies,” Barth terms these claims “unproven” and demonstrates that independent studies fail to support the findings of industry funded reports. For example, Barth disputes the claim by the Marcellus Shale Coalition that “88,000 jobs were created by the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania in 2010,” based on PA Department of Labor and Industry reports that only 65,600 non-farm jobs were created in the state that year—and almost half of those were in the education and health and leisure and hospitality industries. Barth’s report can be viewed at http://catskillcitizens.org/learnmore/RESPONSETOINDUSTRY.pdf