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December 03, 2016
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Charting our own future

Jack Comstock

“Now the woods are gone and the dirt road is a main thoroughfare. One entire field is a pumping station. When I first saw this, I cried.”

I applaud the tireless efforts of citizens and local officials for their perseverance, their clarity of vision, their bravery and their patriotism in acting to secure at the local level of government through political and environmental action what our state and federal government have failed to protect. They know that if we sit idle and wait for those higher up to make the “right” decisions, we will be guaranteeing an end to the life that we know and cherish.

I believe that this stand for the rights of self-governance that citizens and that local governments are declaring, will take hold as the sturdy roots of a new, vibrant and sustainable economy—one that is home grown, that fosters community, and whose wealth benefits the people and the natural environment.

[Jack Comstock is a resident and business owner in Glen Spey, NY.]

Great statement

I wish I could put this in such a way. While I live in the village of Liberty, I have done everthing I can; attending the DEC at SUNY Sullivan last year, joining with the local Moveon Sullivan group to educate and inform residents of such issues. I applaud Mr Comstock's commentary.