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December 09, 2016
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A misleading picture

Alice Zinnes

4. Kelsey implied that what happens in one community would happen in ours. But our valley is unique. For one, geologists believe our area is not rich in gas, a situation Kelsey acknowledged in a conversation after the presentation. After his talk, he also admitted that his estimate of $2 million earned per well is based on averaging productive and non-productive areas, not from actual productivity figures. I have yet to hear from him just how he came to that figure. If wells here have low productivity, lessors here would earn considerably less, and maybe not much at all.

Kelsey ignored the economic advantages we have by our close proximity to NYC. Not only do our second-home owners—who might leave if drilling arrives—supply us with a major portion of our property tax revenue, but we also have the opportunity to exploit the Eat Local & Eat Organic movements in NYC. He insisted that even though organic and other food producing operations could be harmed by drilling, that there was plenty of food produced in other places for us to eat. Because of global warming concerns, inevitably eating locally will be mandated, for shipping food vast distances creates huge greenhouse emissions. We have the potential to be major suppliers of this healthy local food.

About a week after the panel, Penn State released a new study, lead by Dr. Kelsey, that states that in 2009 Pennsylvania natural gas development created roughly half the jobs and economic activity reported in earlier, industry-financed studies, and that only about half of leased land is owned by primary residents.

[Alice Zinnes is a resident of Damascus, PA.]

God forbid

Where would we be if all the second home owners up and left the area. They are our lifeblood. Just ask them. Classic Quarter Acre Club mentality.

One has to admire the constant, if somewhat desperate,

efforts of this paper and its obstructionist minions to keep tossing stuff against the wall in hopes something will stick. The solution is simple. All obstructionists should stop using gas, oil, plastic, fertilizers, electricity, heating oil, propane, and many other items too numerous to mention. You folks are paying Exxon to frack, and your little whines and cries are far more subdued than your screaming need for this energy and the products it creates. Perhaps it is therapy and makes you fell better about yourself. Look at those gas and oil ads on the margin of this paper. Someone accepted money for them. Who are you really trying to convince...perhaps it's yourselves?