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December 07, 2016
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Where’s that IDA info?

Dave Colavito

Now, for those legislators who aren’t seeking reelection this year, none of this may matter much; but for those who are, here’s a bit of gratuitous campaign advice. Consider asking yourselves if you want to be dealing with questions about government accountability and your role in county government’s continued non-compliance with Resolution 57-11 on the campaign trail. Dealing with those questions will be especially awkward for those of you who intend to campaign on a platform of reform, because once letters like this one begin appearing regularly in the local papers, it will be difficult to respond to those awkward questions as though we haven’t already had these conversations—many times over.

Something else is also clear. Achieving compliance with this resolution isn’t rocket science; nor does it involve grappling with complicated issues surrounding how to keep our county afloat amidst the immense, and largely unforeseen, challenges stemming from fiscal short-falls triggered by the global recession. No. The lack of compliance here speaks to something more basic: saying what you mean, then doing what you say—or otherwise providing a credible explanation. If county voters can’t count on you for that, then what can we count on?

[Dave Colavito is a resident of Rock Hill, NY.]