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December 10, 2016
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The pros and cons of dairy

With regard to the claim regarding pus in milk: milk that you purchase on the shelf is tested and regulated more than any other commodity you purchase. Cows are milked on a regular schedule, as required by their udders. Mastitis may develop from harvest procedures, exposure to an organism etc. Cows receive veterinary care regularly. If a cow is treated for mastitis, the milk is separated at harvest and disposed of appropriately. It does not make it to the bottle you purchase. Milk is tested at the cow, the bulk tank (where milk is held at the farm for pick up) and the delivery truck. If contamination is found, it is reported, the milk is disposed of properly and the farmer is financially responsible for the load lost.

While research is ongoing, consuming milk in moderate amounts is still considered a healthy and safe choice by nutritionists and doctors. Studies continue to involve insight into diet and health. A plant-based diet may be suitable for some, but not for others. Studies are looking into the development of the digestive system and exposure to food types at infancy with a variety of discoveries and impacts to the individual. Working directly with a doctor or nutritionist for your particular nutritional needs is important.

Trish Westenbroek
Dairy, Livestock & Agronomy Educator
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Liberty, NY