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December 10, 2016
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Heeding ‘area closed’ signs in winter

February 19, 2014

I read the ‘Ice Advice’ article in the February 13th River Reporter. I was especially glad to see the picture displaying the sign at Skinners Falls, “Area Closed.” This is helpful information for the safety of visitors and residents.

As a resident, I drive to the river access areas all year long. Several weeks ago, there was no warning sign, “area closed,” and not knowing that ice boulders had filled the access parking lot, I made the usual quick turn in my car to head down the Damascus access road. In a split second, I saw the boulders, and hit the brakes. Too late, it was a very icy decline, and slowly downward I slid. Fearing there was water beneath the pile of ice chunks at the bottom, I fast forwarded to a picture of my vehicle floating down the river among the ice cubes, and was deciding when to open my door and fling myself out. The car then came to a gradual, but unconvincing halt. I took a breath, barely moved, and made a phone call home. Thanks to cell phone coverage, my husband was home, and help was soon on the way. Getting up the hill is another story.

Perhaps, another warning sign could be placed at the beginning of the access road?

Lynn Guiser
Damascus, PA