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Baffled in Eldred

May 3, 2012

There is a story about a gentleman who was feeling ill. So he went to the store and asked the people shopping there what might be wrong. They suggested arthritis, stomach flu and sinus infection. He became more concerned. So he went to the post office and checked with the patrons. They agreed it could be Lyme disease. Extremely afraid, the man went to a local fundraising dinner and there, his worst fears were confirmed: he had cancer.

He wrote to the editor of the local paper, berating the town doctor and hospital services, swearing he would never patronize them because they only wanted his money and didn’t care about him as a person. The doctor and hospital are still trying to figure out who the guy is, since no one by that name has had an appointment for diagnosis.

The story is worth a chuckle. However, the board of education of Eldred was recently accused of being like that doctor by a member of the community. It seems a number of residents do not attend the meetings and yet talk in the highways and byways of the community, formulating diagnoses without input or correct information on the issues—preferring instead to be fed by suspicions, what they heard from someone, what they assumed or by someone who is running for office.

This almost makes me feel sorry for the many ill-informed and confused residents. Because they do not attend the meetings, people will base their opinions on second-hand information instead of what they will hear if they attend and ask questions at the Eldred Board of Education meetings. A trip to the board of education meeting, much like a trip to the doctor, could result in accurate information and create an opportunity for cooperative progress in what is most important—the education of the children.

So the vote is coming May 15 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Will you know the facts or take someone’s word for it? It is your duty, your obligation, your right as citizens to vote informed.

Vote informed. Get the facts.

Linda Lee
Eldred, NY