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December 08, 2016
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McTeacher’s a Trojan horse for bad nutrition

April 26, 2012

As a grandmother and mother of two who took great care in raising nutritionally educated adults, I am utterly horrified and dismayed at the Wallenpaupak school district’s promotion of a “McTeacher’s” Day.

It is bad enough that McDonald’s already targets young people and children with their “Mighty Kids” meals, but to have a school district actually partner with a food chain that is notorious for its unhealthy food offerings with a “McTeacher’s” program is a disgrace. Educators are supposed to guide children toward healthy choices and discourage unhealthy eating. Apparently, this school district is either oblivious to the manipulation of children by this fast food chain or they just don’t care. Any school district that closes their eyes to the truth by promoting the “McTeacher’s” program is an accessory to the crime of destroying the health of our children.

The children’s meals sold by McDonald’s are especially noteworthy for their high levels of fat and calories. With 840 calories, 37 grams of fat, and about as much sodium as a child should consume in an entire day, McDonald’s Mighty Kids Meal topped a recent Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine list of the five most unhealthful fast-food meals marketed to children.

Additionally, most people do not know that one hamburger can contain up to 100 different cows and that an infected cow (be it with E. coli, or whatever) can infect up to 16 tons of beef (from Gail Eisnitz’s “Slaughterhouse”).

Even many McDonald’s items that consumers may believe are healthful—salads, for example—are generally high in calories, fat and sodium.

It is my hope that this letter is printed and read by parents who care about the future health of their children and that they join in rejecting the so called “McTeacher’s” program being promoted by any school district and in particular the Wallenpaupak school district.

Anita Vitale-Gallo
Bethany, PA