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December 04, 2016
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A few thoughts on recent news items

March 8, 2012

As incredible as it may sound, cases like that of Peter Kantorowski, 71, trying to force his mother, Mary, 98, from her Fairfield, CT home, are probably far more common than we realize. Yes, the Kantorowski story attracted widespread media attention, but what about those never seen on the public radar screen?

Peter Kantorowski should be charged, based on the potentially fatal stress and emotional pain he has caused his mother. Mary, in contrast—cute-as-a-button, well-spoken, too—merits a medal for mustering the courage to stand up to her oldest son. As a much-needed role model for others in a similar boat, may she find the strength and stamina to meet the challenges ahead then long continue living in her beloved home.

Turning to a court of a different sort, could there possibly be a better NY Knicks omen than “Lin” rhyming with “win”? In my book, nonetheless, “nouveau” great point guard Jeremy Lin need not sink another shot or rack up another rebound, let alone pave the way to another team victory.

Having added spice to sports and been serving as an in-the-flesh reminder persistence pays, a high-flying athlete can still lead a down-to-earth existence; and success can happen in a heartbeat, provided we have thoroughly prepared, the remarkable player has already given the world “Linspiration” worth well more than his weight in gold.

Lastly, as President Obama surely understands, gasoline prices going through the roof may well put the kibosh on the economic recovery, promoting re-collapse instead. Of course, energy conservation and alternative production are marvelous concepts, but alas, implementation will take time. American consumers, including millions on fixed incomes, still underemployed or unemployed can only bear so much. The need for President Obama to release oil from the strategic reserves is urgent and crystal clear.

Susan Kross
Dairyland, NY