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A baseless attack

December 22, 2011

Thank you, Sandy Long, for making me sound somewhat rational in your coverage of the zoning hearing in Lumberland. I should have known I would stumble if I departed from my notes.

But I was outraged by the baseless personal attack on attorney David Slottje launched by Earl Colley, a previous speaker who identified himself as a retired engineer from Afton, NY. Citing no science, he claimed everyone knows there is no gas under Lumberland, then proceeded to assassinate the character of Mr. Slottje. This is a frequent tactic of Energy in Depth (EID), whose Rachel Colley (same hometown) was videotaping the hearing while Tom Shepstone took notes and names.

EID’s modus operandi seems to paraphrase the old Southern expression, “When the facts are on your side, argue the facts. When the law is on your side, argue the law. When you have neither, holler!” With EID, it’s: When the facts are not on your side, holler accusations. This time it is “the interloping” Slottjes, who came down here with their “Ithaca agenda” to scare us then sell us “their snake oil.” (Ironic. Is that not precisely what these out-of-town hit men do?)

Repeating for those not present to hear the truth: Hundreds of us were already scared by the gas industry, and we went looking for the Slottjes. I was present around the speakerphone, inviting them to our legal forum last February, then encouraging our officials to seek their legal advice in protective zoning.

In fact, the Slottjes were not the first to advise seeking protections via home rule, but attorney Todd Mathes, writing in a 2009 New York State Association of Towns newsletter.

Oops. Does this mean these EID shills will now go after him, maligning his motives, legal expertise, longevity of practice? I wonder when any of them passed the New York State bar, except those along Route 97 on their way to disrupting democracy in Glen Spey.

Debra Conway
Barryville, NY

Actually, Debra, it is no

Actually, Debra, it is no crime to take notes. Also, Todd Mathes, who I know very well, had it largely correct in 2009 with that article and you obviously have not read or understood it, because what the Slottje's have sold the town is anything but what Todd suggested. As for David Slotje? Well, you can learn everything you need to know about his professionalism by reading his own words, which can be found at:

I understand, Tom, that it is

I understand, Tom, that it is in your - and your employers' - best interests to intimidate, undermine and cast aspersions on any character or concept that gets in your way. The Slottjes lack professionalism. I lack intelligence. Josh Fox lacks integrity. Debra Winger lacks...what was your complaint again?....good judgement in choosing early acting roles? You and your people find something "inferior" in every one who disagrees with you and your agenda.
But if "home rule," for example, or its proponents have no basis, pose no threat, then why all the machinations?
Have a Merry Christmas, Tom - that is if you still celebrate Christmas and haven't really sold your soul to the Devil.

No Tom, it is no crime

To take notes. But, to cite Energy in Depth as a source for information, or truth, now, that certainly is a crime. You must be in E.I.D.'s employ!

I saw David Slottje at the Tusten Town hearing. While he was a bit over the top in a certain regard, what he spoke was the truth. Tusten recognizes high volume, slick water, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and drilling into the shale as what it most certainly is: A HEAVY INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY THAT HAS NO BUSINESS BEING APPROVED IN THE DELAWARE RIVER BASIN, RURAL RESIDENTIAL AREAS, AND UNDER THE PATHETIC PA REGULATIONS ENFORCED BY A COUPLE OF RACKETEERS SUCH AS CORBETT AND KRANCER.

I apologize for screaming in capitals, but people like you seem to be hard of hearing. I suggest that you visit YouTube, and watch a recent township hearing to see how much worse Damascus Township, and Wayne County, will turn, if you get your way. Dimock is an insulated community, where some residents, who support such drilling, feel it is a good idea to act as rude boors, lacking in all social and cultural graces. Many members of NWPOA would fit right in. Damascus, and the bordering townships on the Delaware, are not little, isolated Dimock. The worst is yet to come?

Take a peek, Tom, and, Merry Christmas. It is titled, "Mayor Ryan at Dimock, Pa. Township meeting"