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Pascotto for transparent government

May 5, 2011

It is with great pleasure that I support Georgette Pascotto as a candidate for Texas Township Supervisor. Georgette regularly participates in township meetings and strives to accomplish what is beneficial to the majority of township residents and businesses.

The Texas Township citizen’s website that she initiated is one of her most successful endeavors. Like many residents, I am unable to attend many township meetings. The website keeps us informed of our local government in action. Please see the website at

The website represents Georgette’s aspiration to foster in Texas residents an understanding of and participation in discussions and decisions that affect us all. Keeping pace technologically is important to Texas’ commercial activity and to our ability to collectively anticipate how our natural and historic resources can produce long-term, sustainable employment. The website also illustrates her ideal of a transparent and accessible government.

Georgette is as honest and fair as she is determined. As a young retiree who ran her own business, she brings a balance of life experience and youthful energy that would allow her to give full attention to the needs of our township. Please mark your calendar for May 17 and consider voting for Georgette. She will be pleased to answer any questions you may have and can be contacted at

Mark Terwilliger
Texas Township, PA