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December 05, 2016
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Dirty politics

April 21, 2011

For too long now, the political scene in this area and all across the nation has been one of deceit, forgery, scandals and outright manipulation. It is time for a change and, more importantly, a new era in Shohola politics.

I, Brad Dellert, am running for Shohola supervisor and am running an upbeat, positive, and honest campaign in hopes of giving the people a true sense of who they are voting for. Unfortunately, others in this town are not.

Recently my yard signs have been stolen and vandalized and my character has been attacked both on paper and on the radio. My opponents are attacking my friends, my family, me and anyone who supports me. This is uncalled for and unwarranted.
In my opinion, a political campaign should be run on merit and prospect. One should run for office based on the notion that they are the best qualified and have the best intentions at heart. My opponent is running on propaganda and hear-say. His followers are attacking everyone associated with me and are trying to undermine my integrity.

I have read the campaign flyer of my opponent and have read the editorials that his followers have felt the need to write. All I have to say in regards to all of their misguided attacks is this; if you want the facts and truth, feel free to contact me anytime. I will not manipulate anyone into voting for me nor will I slander my opponent to make me look smarter, more proactive or better suited for office.

Lies, deceit, manipulation, and slander have no place in politics. For the sake of the town, let us keep this campaign clean and truthful. No one benefits from dirty politics.
Brad Dellert
Shohola, PA