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December 02, 2016
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Deception about Wingert

November 2, 2011

Driving around town last week, it seemed that some of the Democratic Party heads have encouraged more deception with campaign signs that somehow blame Carol Wingert for the closing of the Narrowsburg School. It’s almost as if they hired some unprincipled ex-advertising exec (redundant) to sell this notion to the trusting people of our community, at the same time blaming me for previous campaign tactics.

The same type of deception was perpetrated when they complained about the results of the votes from the Narrowsburg home that was mentioned in a previous mini editorial in The River Reporter. Part of the platform of the Democratic supervisor nominee was to close the home; apparently they didn’t think the residents should have been swayed into voting against those that wished to do so.

This is not a new idea, by the way, as Norman Meyer used a similar tactic in his previous run for town supervisor against Rick Lander. Even the Sullivan County Board of Elections, which has representation from each of the two main parties, had previous knowledge of the home’s upcoming votes due to their request for ballots.

When it came to that election night, the opposing party heads were aware of the number of votes cast at the home but chose not to challenge them, probably because they were under the impression that a significant number of votes were cast for Patrick Harrison, the current supervisor’s husband, who was running for county legislature. To denounce this strategy after it did not work out in your favor suggests that the ones who are being manipulated are the voters, who think that the current politics are exempt from such actions.

Sometimes during a competition, we lose sight of the purpose of the game, which in this case is solely the representation of the electorate.

However, and not to defend these actions, all should be informed that I did not think of it first.

Ben Johnson
Narrowsburg NY