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December 09, 2016
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Ryan Broshear: gone fishin’

The perfect day! Ryan Broshear enjoys fly fishing on the Snake River in Jackson Hole, WY.
Contributed photo

Rising country star and avid fisherman Ryan Broshear is packing a bag and heading for Sullivan County, preparing to throw out the first cast as Guest Celebrity during the trout season’s opening ceremony at Junction Pool in Roscoe, NY on Saturday, April 5. Roscoe has been known as Trout Town USA for decades and was named “The Ultimate Fishing Town in the USA” by the World Fishing Network (WFN) in June 2011, garnering bragging rights, global attention and a $25,000 prize given to the town for fishing-related activities. The town’s official website ( states that Roscoe’s natural setting includes “five of America’s top trout streams and numerous reservoirs and lakes,” making the spot “an anglers paradise;” and it suggests that if visitors “come cast a line in our waters, they’ll be hooked for a lifetime.”

According to Broshear that’s exactly what happened when he and wife Amie visited for the first time. “I was doing a guest appearance on the radio [] and we got to talking about fly fishing. The folks from a local brewery [] were in the studio that same day and invited us to tour the facility, and Amie and I fell instantly in love with the region. I love fishing and enjoy a good beer, so my relationship with Thunder 102, Roscoe Beer and Trout Town USA began the journey that has led me to this special day.” Broshear’s passion for fishing began when he was four years old, when his dad and grandpa showed him the ropes, starting him off “on an old cane pole.” Reminiscing for a moment, Broshear shared some memories. “My dad wasn’t much of a conversationalist,” he said, “but he loved country music and he loved to fish. I learned early on that if I wanted to spend time with him, those were two things we could share.” Both his mom and dad were “always supportive” of Ryan’s love of country music, and he recalls that he “started singin’ along with the radio [in Texas] at about six years old. “Mom got me a guitar and a year’s worth of lessons for Christmas when I turned 12, and I started my first band at 14.” Although his parents eventually divorced, they were a united front when it came to encouraging Broshear to follow his dreams. “My passion for playin’ and singin’ was never an inconvenience for them. My whole family sang in church, and being a man of few words, my dad would share his favorite country songs with me as a way of communicating his feelings.”

His “biggest fan” and wife of five years, Amie Metze Broshear, runs her own business, travels with Ryan and (according to the singer) is “totally responsible for the path my career has taken.” Without her, he said, “I’d still be playin’ in smoky bars, singin’ other peoples songs. When we moved to Nashville, Amie challenged me to write my own songs and be the best that I could be, and I owe it all to her.”

As Trout Town’s Celebrity Guest this year, Broshear is excited. “I’m so honored,” he said, “to be included in this elite group. President Jimmy Carter, movie star Mark Ruffalo and television’s Sally Jesse Raphael have thrown the ‘first cast’ in years past, so I’m truly humbled and feel blessed to be in such great company.” Prior to the opening ceremony, Broshear will appear in concert at the Monticello Casino and Raceway on April 4 at 9 p.m. and perform his latest single “Make Each Moment Last,” along with other hits from his self-titled album. Named one of Billboard Magazine’s County Artist’s to Watch in 2014, Ryan Broshear is looking forward to many more visits in the future. “Amie and I will be spending time here for the rest of our lives,” Broshear concluded. “This place is special and comfortable and feels like home. Let’s go fishin’!”

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