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December 11, 2016
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Sullivan County unplugged; Roscoe: memories of the country

Jimmy Schramm fishing, circa 1956.
Photos by Louis J. Schramm

Jane Schramm sadly notes the inevitable changes that accompany the march of time: “With the renovation of Route 17 came ‘progress.’ The train is gone. The old post office has moved and so has the gas station.”

Not everything has changed, however. Some of the best local entertainment that Sullivan County had to offer back when is still around for visitors and residents alike to enjoy today. Jane Schramm remembers: “To the right was a small bandstand where, in summer on Wednesday nights, the Callicoon Center band would play. We would go and sit in the grass and listen to the band and the brook and watch the stars through the trees.”

“Roscoe: Memories of the Country” was published in December 2013 by University Bookstore Press, and is available for purchase from the publisher at a cost of $10 per copy. It can also be found on the local authors shelf in the Delaware Branch of the Western Sullivan Public Library at Callicoon.