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December 06, 2016
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Taking the time for new life; Furniture restoration and body building

John Roziak is an artist, a potter, a beekeeper, a body builder and he still takes an occasional reupholstering job, once his main line of work.
TRR photos by Amanda Reed

“Instant gratification,” he tells me. “You take something old, something that looks like nothing, and you restore its beauty—it’s new again.”

Pieces that once stood in the great houses of Europe, Asia, cast away over time, through Roziak’s crafting, have found new life.

Next to the two sewing machines there is a potter’s wheel. Roziak studied pottery. He is an artist. A beekeeper. And with a great awe and respect for nature, he’s also a body builder. Across the driveway at the gym, Roziak and his wife offer classes and personal physical training. He is passionate about the body’s capacity to restore itself, to heal. “We have everything we need—it’s built in.”

Roziak learned this personally at 12 years old, when his knee was shattered. He was bike riding and was hit by a truck. He was left badly injured.

There were no gyms then. No physical therapists. The consciousness of health and healing was still 25 years in the future. “All this grew from Jack La Lanne,” he tells me now. But John Roziak was a fortunate 12-year-old. Andrew Neiderman, an English teacher in Fallsburg, where Roziak went to school, had a gym set up. Through weight lifting and exercise he helped Roziak rehabilitate his knee. Within a year he was riding his bike again. Deeply impressed, his interest in the body’s capacity to heal itself took root.

On the walls of the gym are photos of body builders. Arnold Schwarzenegger is there, and Lou Ferrigno, The Amazing Hulk. These are people Roziak knows. There are also pictures of John’s wife Kelly, a professional, competitive body builder. The Roziaks also manufacture Flextime clocks, modeled after barbell weights and marketed internationally.

Roziak, it should come as no surprise, also restores cars. Restoration is his passion, the thing that animates him. He’s a man who lives in thrall to the blooming of new life where none seemed possible.

Check out the website, or to reach the Roziaks by phone, call 845/436-7884.