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December 08, 2016
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Growing community; One email at a time

Beverly Sterner of Milanville, PA is the founder of the Upper Delaware Community Network.
TRR photo by Jane Bollinger

“The truth is, you can’t attack other people here, and even though there’s plenty to be outraged about, this is not a place to vent. Here is where you support each other, share your resources and your common interests. If you disagree, you can say that, of course, but such discussions and personal responses are directed offline.” Sterner says she sometimes has to remind people about that.

So, what’s next for the UDCN? Two ideas have been floating around in Sterner’s head. One is to share information and resources around the issue of health—such as a recommendation for a doctor, or some alternative remedy or supplement that worked for you, or some condition that you need help with—just ways in which we can support each other on health.

“Another idea for the Network is to provide people with a place to tell their story as a way of bringing themselves into the community; to share what’s important to you, why you came here, what your needs are, what you have to offer and thus possibly make even more connections.

“I would like us to be able to get as much out of this great online vehicle as possible,” she said, “to help further connect us and expand our beloved community.”

After 12 years, it seems like the UDCN is off to a pretty good start.

How to join the Network:

If you would like to post a message to the group, you will need to join by going to the home page and following directions. (You will need to establish an ID name and password.)

In order to subscribe to the group you need to e-mail a blank message to: