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May 31, 2016
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Earth awareness

The buddy system is employed to increase safety during the walk. Here John José leads one child along the forest path as they look for signs of animal life.

“Learning needs to be meaningful,” asserts Brennan. “To be meaningful, the students have to see it in their world. John’s programs bring the real world to our science curriculum. It gives our students the opportunity to experience, hands-on and concretely, what they learn about in the classroom. Learning also has to be fun. The best way to teach is to tap into their natural curiosity and enthusiasm and provide them with the means to make their own discoveries, which then only fuels their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.”

Brennan is quite pleased with the outcomes of the effort and looking forward to seeing her students harvest the fruits of their labor. “I am very impressed with John’s depth of knowledge, his passion for the outdoors and his enthusiasm in sharing it with others,” she said. “He brought his knowledge and skillfully communicated it to my students on their level. That fuels a natural excitement for learning in the children which hopefully will sustain itself and grow with them.”

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