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December 10, 2016
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Since last Earth Day

As another Earth Day passes, we call on the U.S. to step up and become a leader rather than a naysayer in the fight against climate change. We call on Washington to support the 194 nations that are trying to broker a new climate treaty by the end of 2015. We call on our elected leaders to pass legislation to establish a climate budget and to approve a carbon tax to incentivize the reduction of CO2 emissions. We urge those who run our fossil fuel industries to search their souls and ask whether it is moral to reap vast private profits from wrecking the climate. (We applaud Harvard University for becoming the latest institution to pledge to divest its endowment funds from fossil fuel companies, and we urge other institutions and pension plans to join the divestment movement). We call on the president to say “no” to the XL Pipeline, because as one noted climate activist says, if it is built it will likely be “game over” for the climate. Finally, we call on every citizen to take steps to reduce your own carbon footprint (biofuel.tamu.edu/publications/tensteps.pdf).

Time is ticking away. We need to be able to report some real progress by next year’s Earth Day. Then we may really have something worth celebrating.