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December 09, 2016
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Building community

Politics as blood sport can be seen at all levels of government today, but in our small rural communities where everybody knows everybody else and we all must live together, can we not do better? If a community is dependent for its wellbeing on the quality of the relationships among its citizens, then relationships must be nurtured and common ground must be sought, cultivated and cherished.

So where do we go from here? We believe it is possible to build a community where what joins us is greater than what separates us, but it does take work, good will and cooperation among individuals and groups. This Thanksgiving, let us embrace the spirit of the holiday by joining each other at the same table and extending the same generosity of spirit reflected in our charitable giving to everyone in our own community—even those with whom we disagree. It will take respect, civility and good will. Like charity, these habits begin at home, but should not end there.

[For another take on Thomas Fuller’s thought that charity begins at home, see Jonathan Fox’s column on page 14.]