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December 10, 2016
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Let it all hang out

• Power inevitably shifts over time.

• If the system isn’t changed, then the next time the Democrats find themselves in a minority, they will be largely locked out of the decision making process.

• To ensure their long-term access to power, the Democrats should amend the current system.

The arguments we have heard against the proposal, meanwhile, do not persuade us. Legislative chair and District 1 representative Scott Samuelson reportedly pointed out that the government has already taken a number of steps toward transparency. Good. But is that a reason not to take another one? Isn’t it in fact a persuasive reason to take as many as you can?

District 4 legislator Jonathan Rouis pointed out that, after all, matters are ultimately voted on by all nine legislators. Well, yes. But for democracy to be functioning at its best, you don’t just need everyone voting, you need everybody voting to be well informed and to have had input into the policy being voted on. It’s hard to see how having two people voting in the dark, with restricted input into the resolution being voted on, is going to make things better.

Gieger has said that whether her proposal prevails or not will depend on public pressure. We stand behind it, and would like to invite those members of the public who think it’s a good idea to let their legislators know.