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December 03, 2016
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Enough with the Park Foundation nonsense already

There is enough honest division in the community over the pros and cons of gas drilling without this kind of nonsense. Please, can we cut out this spurious bunkum and concentrate on the real issues?

Dear Editors

Just take a walk over to TRR's news article about the Poll on shale/frac'ing/drilling, to see an anonymous poster who hides behind a Virginian, "founding father", name, to see him rant against the Park Foundation, calling "it's" views, "elitist and narrow minded", and, calling Cornell University, a "bastion of buffoonery", with no further explanation or reason. This would seem to be the poor fellow's feelings about higher education in general, but, especially,when the professors oppose shale drilling and frac'ing. I also think back to the way he ALWAYS attacks Janette Barth, in that same, sophmoric, manner.

EID folks like Tom Shepstone, ALWAYS seem to be pandering to the low brow, taking every opportunity to stoop to mini mock their opposition. A recent example by Mr. Shepstone was when he referred to The Delaware Riverkeeper Network, if I remember correctly, as "The Delaware RiverCreeper". Think of how they write about Jim Northrup, Helen and David Slottje, the Delaware River Basin Commission, and anyone who successfully stands up to them.

Even our PADEP Secretary Krancer, without provocation, compared the State of Delaware to the "tail of a dog", and said it even smelled like a "tail of a dog". He was never held accountable for this outburst.

What a bunch of enlightened adults.