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December 11, 2016
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Reflections on 2013 and some wishes for the year ahead

Foods with Genetically Modified Organisms as ingredients to be labeled GMO.
(May 2-8, “Consumers’ choice—food labeling matters”) “We believe that knowing what is in our food is a right of every eater and that labeling products containing GMO ingredients is the minimum protection that consumers deserve. Americans want to know more, not less, about the food they eat… If industry is so sure GMO ingredients are safe, why are they afraid to list them on the label?”

A raise the minimum wage
(December 19-25, “Poverty wages”): “Last year, corporations, already fully recovered from the recession by 2010, reached all-time record high profits in the third quarter of 2012, while during the same quarter, workers’ wages dropped to a record low. It is time to invest in workers, who, if they were able to be more self-sufficient, would not need to turn so often for assistance from public funds… And there’s the rub: profitable corporations count on us, the taxpayers, to subsidize their lowest paid employees, so that stockholders and corporate executives can reap good earnings. We live under an economic system where the profits are privatized and the costs are socialized, i.e. society at large helps pick up the tab.