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August 28, 2016
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Menu for an August day

[Food writer Jude Waterston has been keeping a daily journal of all the meals she prepares for several years. Here, she shares a day’s worth of meals ideal for late summer, plus a recipe to help you enjoy that ubiquitous summer surplus, the zucchini crop. Laura Silverman is on hiatus, and Waterston will be filling in for her until further notice.]

Zucchini soup for summer

This creamy, cold soup has a touch of curry for added depth and a garnish of toasted slivered almonds. An easy, elegant starter to any meal.

Serves 4
1 tablespoon olive oil  Read more

Lake Huntington News

Once again I stayed home for the weekend—well, kind of. Friday I had to drive to West Point and on Saturday I had to drive to Pomona for a family bridal shower, then at night I was at a penny social. On Sunday I drove to Whappingers Falls for a wedding of a past co-worker. Then Monday you start all over again. Life is good.  Read more

Looking Back

David Spencer, whose family was among the earliest settlers in Mount Pleasant, was the inventor of a steam tractor. This revolutionary “horseless wagon” was propelled by steam, using either coal or wood as fuel. All of the parts were handmade by Mr. Spencer in his blacksmith shop. The four wheels were approximately six-and-a-half feet high, and it was able to go forward and reverse.  Read more

Narrowsburg News

Sometimes we become so focused on one thing we forget to put things into perspective. The Narrowsburg Beautification Group (NBG) was focused on once again winning a big prize from Sullivan Renaissance. The NBG won, although a small prize—$1,000. So let’s put things into perspective.  Read more

Looking Back

Richard and Mary Bortree Gilpin, both natives of Northern Ireland, emigrated with their seven children around 1810 to Sterling Township and became prosperous farmers. Their son Richard married Eliza Bennett, whose family was among the earliest arrivals to the area from Connecticut. Richard and Eliza had 10 children, including Dr. Fletcher Gilpin, a prominent Dreher Township physician married to Elizabeth Houck. Born in 1843, Dr. Gilpin died in 1912 in Newfoundland.  Read more

Training your dog

The goal of training your pets is to teach them a response that you want to see them continue. Achieving this good behavior is often accomplished with either a verbal command or hand signal. In this article, we will touch on only one small facet of good behavior, which uses a tool called a halter.  Read more

Looking Back

In 1829, about 20 German families established a community at German Flats, now Newfoundland, in Sterling Township, now Dreher. They constructed a road and then built their farms along it, with their houses close together along the road. The community was diverse, with coopers, millers, tailors, shoemakers and carpenters; and according to Alfred Mathews’ “History of Wayne, Pike & Monroe Counties, Pennsylvania,” they were all musical.  Read more

Simple Fare: Not your mother’s pork and beans

When I was a kid, we had two kinds of meals: one that was the usual family evening meal and the other that was the kids’ meal when the parents were going out.

I liked both.

I really enjoyed the consistent everyday supper—lasagna, meatloaf, beef goulash, boiled tongue, a homemade version of beef-a-roni, tuna noodle casserole. And I really liked the very simple suppers that were served to us kids (a 22-month-older brother and a five-and-a-half-years-younger brother) when my parents were going out somewhere that involved eating.  Read more

Narrowsburg News

Tension mounts for the Narrowsburg Beautification Group (NBG) as it goes into the homestretch for this season’s final competition. The Sullivan Renaissance judges will be here on Saturday morning to view the 2016 projects, which include improvement of three gateways: the fork at state routes 52 and 97, Kirk Road, and the underpass on south Main Street. An extra project was that of the park on the Flats. As a result of the work of the Multi-Generational Park committee, ornamental grasses were planted on either side of the playground area to prevent small children from darting into the street.  Read more

Looking Back

The imposing J. S. O’Connor Rich Cut Glass Factory in Hawley, PA was one of the finest cutting shops in the world. Built of stone on solid rock, it was run by water power, and its own plant served its electrical needs. The founder of the business, John S. O’Connor, was born in 1831 in Ireland and came to the United States at the age of 16. He was apprenticed to a glass cutter in New York and worked as superintendent of a prominent New York company until he left to volunteer in the Civil War. Upon his discharge, O’Connor was hired as superintendent for C.  Read more

Lake Huntington News

Hello everyone. I hope you are all enjoying this lovely hot weather. I have been out and about but not around here; since last week, I have been to Florida, Hershey, PA, Brooklyn and Queens, NY and to visit Fr. Bill.  Read more

Looking Back

Elihu Tallman, founder of Tallmansville in Preston Township, made his first mark in Wayne County in 1819 when he purchased a tract at Six Mile Lake and built a sawmill. A large tannery was built in 1859 by four entrepreneurs from Delaware County, NY, who bought a large tract of hemlock forest from pioneer Daniel Underwood. One of them, Leonard H. Allison, had just returned from a European trip and renamed the lake, calling it Lake Como after the famous lake in Italy. The tannery was sold in 1864 to Albert E. Babcock and burned, along with 3,000 cords of bark, in 1868.  Read more

Looking Back

Originally part of Dyberry Township, Berlin Township was formed in November 1826. The earliest settlements were Beech Pond, Berlin Centre and Smith Hill. Originally called Beech Pond because of the abundance of beech trees in the area, the community’s name became Beach Lake over the years. Samuel Smith, for whom Smith Hill was named, came here from Germany by way of New Jersey. Around 1830 immigrants from Cornwall and Devonshire in England began arriving, and many descendants of the original immigrants are still active citizens of Wayne County.  Read more

Narrowsburg News

The last two weeks have been very busy with Narrowsburg Beautification Group (NBG) volunteers scurrying about finalizing preparations for the America in Bloom judges’ arrival on July 13. NBG volunteers and private citizens planted, weeded and watered flowers and trees from Kirk Road to the railroad underpass on south Main Street. Members of the Lava Fire Department painted and replanted the fire department front planter, which provides such a welcome sight as one enters our area on Route 52. The highway department and the water/sewer department provided needed help when requested.  Read more

Make Your House A Home

Tip #1: Taking care of your home is an investment that adds value and gives back in saved money over the years.

Reeves Mountain Construction

Tip #2: Every furnace and/or air conditioner has a filter to catch dirt and dust. Clean your filters twice a year for proper air flow and effectiveness.

Chris Barnes

Tip #3: Seamless gutters mean more time for vacations! Never clean your gutters again!

Catskill Leaf Guard
845-482-5259  Read more

Lake Huntington News

I was sitting at home watching TV on Friday morning, very sad about what a sick world we live in. Watching the ambush in Dallas, people should remember all lives matter. We need to love one another, be kind and let there be peace on earth.
I have to get my column done early once again. I am going to Boston with the Tusten Youth Group. Pastor Phyllis Haynes is my travel partner. We have to be at the bus at 5:45 Saturday morning. I am not the type of person who likes to get up early, but it’s a five-hour bus trip, so I can go back to sleep.  Read more

Looking Back

Heavy rain on Friday, May 22, 1942 led to the most devastating flood in the history of the Lackawaxen River Valley. The river and smaller streams overflowed their banks, and the flood broke in the dead of night, trapping citizens in their homes and carrying buildings, bridges, roads and people to their destruction. Delaware Street in Honesdale virtually vanished, with 12 of its 15 homes destroyed and nine residents lost. One young woman saved her life by grabbing a tree as she was being swept downstream.  Read more

Dietary behaviors and weight management

An excerpt from the Sullivan County Public Health Department’s 2013-2017 Community Health Assessment by Holloran Consulting, Inc.

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Among survey respondents, 46.4% ate fruits and/or vegetables daily. Only 26 respondents, or 3.5% of the total sample, never ate fruits and/or vegetables. The most cited reason for not eating fruits and/or vegetables was that respondents do not like them. Other reasons included the expense of fresh fruits and vegetables, their availability, their quality, and the time it takes to prepare them.  Read more

Crystal Run and employees raise funds for Relay for Life

MIDDLETOWN, NY — Physicians and staff of Crystal Run Healthcare came together recently to fundraise for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. A total of $9,062 was raised by employees in a variety of ways, including a practice-wide dress-down day as well as numerous raffles. Including Crystal Run Healthcare’s corporate sponsorship, a grand total of $21,062 was donated to the American Cancer Society for five local relays including Goshen, Newburgh, Pine Bush, Rockland County and Sullivan County.  Read more

Normal aspects of aging

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else”

— Margaret Mead

I have always appreciated this quote when discussing aging issues with patients. Each of us varies widely in terms of our physiology at any age, but there are common changes associated with normal aging. More important for each of us is whether a change in body function represents a potential illness. This article will describe common body changes and what might represent a developing health problem.  Read more