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December 09, 2016
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Take a picture; it’ll last longer!

Before each Mysteryland festival, organizers host a “10,000 hours community day” in which volunteers donate 10,000 hours of service to a local charity/cause. This year, they teamed up with the Allyson Whitney Foundation and assisted in their 5K charity run through Bethel.

On Mother’s Day, staffers (including myself) set up a photo booth at the famers’ market in Callicoon, NY (www.sullivancountyfarmersmarkets.org), and I clicked the day away, capturing the vendors and crowd that shows up every week to shop local, compiling an album of kids, moms, grandparents (and pets) to commemorate the day and to serve as a reminder that I was there. Those photos are on our Facebook page as well, and through the magic of digital photography, the illusion that you are all on the front page of The River Reporter has been posted for sharing, in living color. For now, I’ll continue to chronicle these days for safekeeping, since the photos will last longer than my memory, as the good times roll.