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December 09, 2016
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Something fishy going on around here

Dharma the Wonder Dog took home a doggy bag from the Two-Headed Trout Dinner held at Roscoe, NY’s Rockland House.

Along with Broshear, who had performed for a packed house (www.monticellocasinoandraceway.com) the night before, I spotted New York State Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther, “Honorary Mayor” Betty Grossman and mascot-about-town “Rennie” (www.sullivanrenaissance.org) gathering at the legendary pool, birthplace of the two-headed trout, arguably one of the most famous tall tales that fishermen are known for. Gray and Blustery (Attorneys at Law?) notwithstanding, a sizable crowd was on hand to witness Broshear casting off and join the die-hards by wading in and trying their luck. “Dude, why is there a chicken in the water?” Ryan whispered to me. “Am I missing something?” When I explained to the Nashville-based singer that “Rennie” is actually a rooster and always present at events throughout Sullivan County, he laughed. “I love this part of the country!” he exclaimed. “No wonder it draws thousands of visitors every year.” The chilly waters prevented anyone from catching (much less releasing) anything that morning, but the atmosphere was alive with excitement, and everyone was chatting about their next stop (www.catskillflyfishing.org), where a second “first cast” was scheduled. Broshear’s wife Amie joined an army of women on the shores of the Willowemoc, throwing pink fly lines provided by the Cortland Line Company, showing their support of Casting for Recovery, (CFR) an organization “founded on the principles that the natural world is a healing force” that offers “cancer survivors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful surroundings within a nurturing structure” (www.castingforrecover.org). Female fly fishers have become a force to be reckoned with, and CFR champion Betty Joan White Wulff Nancy Taylor was among the group of women who joined forces at the museum’s ceremony to represent.