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December 10, 2016
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Musical notes and quotes

“Sleep Naked,” a CD by Elizabeth Rose

First up: “Cookin’” by Marc Switko, released last September. Marc ( and I are pals, and (IMHO) he’s a talented guy, but until now, my experience with his music has been as an instrumentalist, playing with others on drums or guitar. This solo album features his original compositions and vocals. “Did you listen yet? What did you think?” Switko asked, when I saw him in the market the other day. “Honestly, Marc,” I replied, “are you sure you want to know?.” Laughing and nodding his head, Marc egged me on. “Go for it!” he declared, “No holds barred.” Track titles such as “I’m a Somebody,” “40 Cups of Coffee,” and “I’m Dead” beckoned, but as Switko’s basso profundo, atonal, confrontational, angry lyrics droned on, I found myself wishing that I was dead, too. I’m not sure what my friend is trying to convey in his lyrics (“It doesn’t matter anymore, I’ve got my own hand to hold in the snow tonight.”), but “happy” doesn’t seem to be at the top of his list. My liner note? “A miasma of self-indulgent despair-music to slit your wrists by.” Unlikely that will be on his website anytime soon.