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December 03, 2016
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Reading, writing and a rhythm stick

Local author Michael J. Worden’s book “Ghost Detective” describes hauntings in the Hudson Valley.

What separates Worden’s book from the plethora of TV shows on the subject is that he focuses his attention on local legend, scouring the Upper Delaware Valley for proof of life after death. Working closely with paranormal investigator, researcher and author Linda Zimmerman ( ghostinvestigator.com ) and psychic Lisa Ann ( psychiclisaann.com ), the intrepid trio sometimes “go the distance” but most often can be found close to home, digging up long-buried tales that sometimes send a chill up the spine, and other times fizzle out as a natural phenomena or just plain hooey.

“This book has been a work in progress for some time now,” the author said. “I did not want to write a book of just ghost stories or chronicles of investigations, or how to use electronic magnetic field (EMF) detectors. Believe me, you do not need a manual to learn how to use those tools.”

I was a bit perplexed to see chapter headings like “Tools of the Trade,” “Personal Experiences as Valid Evidence” and “Electronic Voice Phenomenon,” in light of this statement, but chalked it up to the author’s desire to cover a lot of ground within the confines of this 122-page tome.

Graveyards, private homes and huge institutions are all covered in the book, and what I found most interesting was the aspect that there is so much to “investigate” right in our own backyard. Sisu Books ( info@sisubooks.com ), located in Sparrowbush, NY, has published “Ghost Detective” as its first title in print. It should prove interesting to keep an eye on them (and Detective Worden) as they continue to explore, expose and entertain.